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Bali measures approximately 140km by 90km and covers an area of 5,632 km2 just south of the equator between the islands of Java and Lombok. Beautiful terraced rice fields carved into hillsides and mountain slopes dominate the landscape and, like everything else in Bali, serve more than one purpose. They provide food, of course, but the very system of cultivation is tightly woven into a complex social fabric. Dissecting a luscious green landscape and filling the air with the enchanting sounds of moonlight; rivers and irrigation streams can be found everywhere.

Bali is divided by a string of impressive and authoritative volcanoes running almost directly through the centre of the island and their high level of activity over the years has resulted in an exceptionally fertile land. Mountains, and in particular volcanoes, are believed to be the home of the gods. They are shrouded in mystery and magic, and in Bali they stretch skywards in majestic and divine splendour.

Month Temp Range (C/F) Humidity
January 17 / 62 – 30 / 86 75%
February 17 / 62 – 29 / 84 75%
March 17 / 62 – 29 / 84 70%
April 17 / 62 – 31 / 88 65%
May 18 / 65 – 31 / 88 65%
June 19 / 67 – 31 / 88 60%
July 21 / 70 – 31 / 88 55%
August 22 / 71 – 32 / 90 55%
September 21 / 70 – 32 / 90 60%
October 20 / 68 – 32 / 90 65%
November 19 / 66 – 31 / 88 65%
December 18 / 64 – 31 / 88 70%


Health insurance is recommended when visiting Bali as tropical weather will challenge non-Asians visitors. The heat and humidity can take some getting used to. Sunburn is normal so it is worth being aware that the tropical sun is extremely intense. The best advice is to cover up and don’t fry as soon as you check in to your villa! There will be opportunities on every day of your visit to build up the sun tan.

Dehydration is another common cause of discomfort, so drink as much water as you can. For serious health issues, Bali has a number of modern medical facilities and Singapore ‘s world-class physicians and institutions are a two hour flight away.


Indonesians, particularly the Balinese, love children. They are exceptional babysitters and local babysitting services can easily be organized if you are bringing small children. Most of them are well trained and managed by credible companies and able to communicate in English.

Snail Mail

Post Offices (called Kantor Pos ) can be found in every little village in Bali . It’s not a terribly fast service but it is reliable, with international express mail from most places taking about 7 days to get to North America or Europe .

Telephone and Internet

Long distance phone calls and faxes are easy in Bali and all major hotels and luxury will provide an IDD service. WARTEL (warung telekomunikasi or telecommunications shops) are dotted all over the island and they offer reasonably priced international telephone and fax services.

Internet and email services are widely available with many of the main tourist areas offering Hot Spots and wireless access. Bali is definitely connected to the world wide web!


Power supplies may be unstable and some remote areas do not have electricity at all. Adapters for other electric systems can be purchased locally. The plug style is southern European, two pronged and you may need a plug adaptor with two-pronged, parallel pins. Electricity generally runs at 220V – 240V AC. In some rural areas, the system still runs on 110V.


Having someone waiting for you at the airport when you arrive in Bali is part of the service provided by Paradise Villa Rental. We escort you to your villa where one of our staff will give you a brief villa orientation and answer any questions you might have.

We recommend you hire a car and driver, which can be arranged for you at additional cost. Cars and drivers are usually available 24 hours a day but their actual time on duty on any given day is normally limited to 10 consecutive hours. Payment is calculated on a daily basis and an all-in-one price (including petrol). You may have to pay extra for the driver’s food and lodging if you travel to places that you stay overnight.

Renting and driving your own vehicle is also possible including a variety of cars, jeeps, motorcycles, and bicycles. You will need an international driving license and this will be checked as the police run frequent license and registration stops for all cars and motorcycles in the popular areas of Kuta and Seminyak.

Taxis are also numerous and cheap. Other forms of public transport like buses are available and they are cheap. However, they are usually not air-conditioned and can take a long time to go a short distance.

Paradise Villa Rental will gladly assist in organizing any form of transportation you desire.


Provided by either a deep well or town water. Both sources of water are subject to sedimentary discoloration at varies times throughout the year, which is harmless for bathing and washing, but should not be drunk under any circumstances. Instead use the Aqua Gallon bottles provided in your villa for drinking and cooking.

As a part of Indonesia , Bali uses the Indonesian Rupiah (Rp.) which has paper denominations of; 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000. There are plenty of authorized money changers, especially in popular areas but be advised that when changing US Dollars, money changers will not accept dirty notes or notes that have writing on them. If they do accept them they will often offer a lower rate. US$100 notes from 1996 will also be exchanged at a lower rate and not all money changers will make the exchange. So bring nice, new crispy notes and no coins!

The exchange rate for cash is normally better than the rate for travelers’ checks, and it is worth shopping around for the best exchange rate as they do vary from place to place. The team at Paradise Villa Rental are more than happy to assist and to recommend the best money exchangers in the area.

Major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are accepted in a wide variety of restaurant and shops, but the bulk of transactions will be in cash. ATM machines are a common sight meaning you can draw money down from your account at home.


All visitors to Indonesia need a visa. Unless you are traveling to Bali for business purposes the visa is issued on arrival at the airport and it costs US$25 per person. We suggest that you have the exact money ready. This visa is valid for 30 days and can not be extended. If you plan to stay in Bali for longer than 30 days you will need to leave the country and return with a new visa on arrival.

Your passport MUST be valid for at least 6 months after the date of your arrival and it MUST have at least one empty page free to be stamped on arrival and exit.

You will also be asked to complete a white embarkation/disembarkation card. Keep the portion that immigration hand back to you in passport as you will need to present this when you leave.


The standard duty free allowance is: 50 cigars, 100 grams of tobacco, 200 cigarettes and 2 liters of alcoholic beverages. All narcotics, firearms and ammunition are strictly prohibited and illegal in Indonesia . Long prison terms and/or huge fines and the death penalty will be used against anyone caught with drugs.

There is no restriction on import of foreign currencies in cash or travelers checks.


This information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please contact your nearest Indonesian embassy of consulate.


Walking into a shop, picking something from a shelf and reimburse it, is merely not Bali way of Shopping. Bargaining is an art of Shopping In every traditional art shop and market around Bali. Every transaction in this traditional way is mirror of Balinese warmth. Indonesian Bank note or coins would be your best method of payment because your Credit cards will not always function as most places do not accept

Places for shopping :

  • Kumbasari market situated in Gajahmada Street right in the city centre, the northern part of Denpasar, is the biggest traditional market for Fruit, vegetables and meat in the basement It show you an insight of local people do their daily shopping into the traditional Indonesia market .For spices and dried goods can be found on the second level, the third level is the place where craft, art and clothing being display. if you could covenant smartly then the best deal is your.
  • Longing for ethnic Indian or far eastern material? In the eastern part is Sulawesi Street , very colorful with all types of material suppose to be the best spot of all kind of fabrics from modern day stretchy and shiny material to the traditional ‘songket’ (cloth woven with gold or silver strands) to satisfied and indulge. Jewelry is at the southern part Hasanudin Street where the gold shops welcome to any of its admirateurs.
  • Batubulan is on the border of Gianyar and Denpasar, is the stone sculptures home. Various kinds of style can be found here from modern to traditional or small to large. Your order can be customary form by the craftsmen and even ship arrangement to your home land address.
  • You will pass Celuk the place for gold and silver jewelry; it is on your way to Ubud . The quality and various designs are the artisan’s trademark in this particular area. An ability to compare prices is on your side as Hundreds shops along the main road.
  • Kuta , in 1970’s used to be a fisherman village, now days transformed it self into an international village called where almost all of the restaurants and shops here are intended for tourist market. Leather crafts on each side of the road, clothing, handicrafts, CDs, jewelry or even set of furniture can be finding and bear in your mind various offerings along the road from those many street hawkers. Your eye contact will be a crucial gesture to avoid or invite them.
  • Sukawati is a Market of Balinese art and craft where paintings, statue, cloth, jewelry and also Balinese ceremonial items are at the cheapest price in island. It is on your way to Ubud as well as Kintamani or Bratan Lake
  • Ubud , where the handful of Majapahit artists who settled there after their exodus from java and lately follow by big names of Hans Snell and Antonio Blanco to enrich their legacy at this artists village. it offers you fine arts enhance with an international standar

Food and Provisions

Bali contains plentiful places where variety of food and beverages can be purchase including Western style supermarkets and local markets. The staff will shop locally during your stay and prepare meals at your request. In Bali Most international food and drink products are available, however, for any special dietary desires; please inquire before your arrival as to availability and charge


Surrounded by sea amongst major attractions are Diving, snorkeling and Surfing. The locations are stretch out along Bali’s sea, offers a lot of sites with a variety of marine creatures, such as colorful tropical fish, dolphins, rays, turtle, sea snakes and moray eels and abundant colorful corals for either professional or beginners divers. To gratify your desires of diving Lovina, in the north of the island will indisputably the best diving in Bali with some unoccupied island. On the western part are Menjangan Island and Labuan Lalang, Nusa Island (Nusa Penida and Lembongan) and Sanur is on the southern part. Padang Bay, Candidasa, Tulamben and Amed are on the east coast where virgin environment can be View, April to October is the dry season and the Bali best time for diving, induce warm temperatures numerous objects and fish can be visibly viewed.

Bali is a splendid and paradise for surfers, exceptional reef breaks are found in Kuta and Sanur Tube-forming wave is a real pleasure it will carry you back to the seashore and superb surfing waves are acclaimed by Kuta and Uluwatu. Always available somewhere on this island, a Perfect wave to ride on. Not merely because of various choices for beaches and breaks. After all surfing can be carrying out every day.

Tennis, football, fitness, trekking, cycling, horse ridding and many others are easily arrange as Water sport is not the only the magnetism of this Island.

Surrounded by the rice fields, temple and Ocean terraces. Marvelous 18 holes golf courses Designed by Greg Norman, the Bali Nirwana Golf course has earn its reputation as one of the most famous golf course in Asia.

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