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about bali“The Island of the Gods”. “Shangri La”. “The Centre of the Universe”. Known by many evocative names, Bali is undoubtedly one of the most culturally fascinating and scenically beautiful islands in the world. And a Mecca for visitors from every corner of it. A chain of awesome volcanoes stretches across the island helping to create an ideal environment for tropical rainforests, cultivated rice fields, mangrove swamps, beaches of both black (volcanic) and white sand with some world class surf

The island was covered a tropical rain forest, an emerald green. From across the seas the first wave of early settlers brought with them new customs, new languages and new techniques for cultivation of rice, and helped to create a haven for over the years.

The absorbance of innovative and new elements of foreign or home-grown along with Balinese basic conservatism to preserve many of their past achievement is indeed a magic and a modern paradox of Bali . Blended uniquely, providing today’s visitors with an art crafts, dances, the traditional music, colorful religious festivals and ceremonies have been, natural scenery, wealth of sounds, talented, ever-smiling and charming people with many exquisite sights . Life is very communal in Bali with organization of villagers and farming even today, the island way of life is remain intact as the ancient, traditional society still incredibly vital and alive. The hidden ingredient of Bali tourism success for many centuries is indisputable.

The hypnotising sounds of gamelan orchestras, beautiful textiles, intricate paintings and carvings are all interconnected with Balinese spirituality and religion; a way of life virtually unchanged over time. It’s hardly surprising that people are captivated with this tropical island paradise . and some of them never leave!

Bali is also home to large and dynamic community of professional and creative expatriates. This has resulted in a considerable number of businesses and small industries ranging from furniture exporters to fashion designers establishing themselves and in turn attracting like-minded people. As many of these expatriates have chosen to make their homes in Bali, the number of international accredited schools has increased dramatically over the last five years and now there are quality educational facilities for Japanese, Korean, German, French and English native speakers.

The island’s infrastructure has also been developing rapidly in recent years. Dual carriage ways now connect the international airport to the west and east coasts and broadband satellite internet connections and Wi-Fi hotspots can be found in all major tourist areas and in the residential enclaves of Seminyak and Canggu. It all adds up to create a strong and dynamic cosmopolitan atmosphere in paradise

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